Workshop Descriptions

Alejandro Berón & Kelly Lettieri – Autumn Tango 2024

Thursday 24 October

Secrets of the Social Dance Floor

Join Alejandro Beron and Kelly Lettieri as they share tips, tools, and “yeites” (tricks in Lunfardo) that will get you feeling comfortable and confident when you dance in the milonga! Deep dive into building a connection with those we dance with, tapping into the links between our everyday walk and movement and the technique of tango, using simple elements to expand our creative options, and finding ease in the circulation (and sometimes lack thereof) of the dance floor.

This workshop is specially designed for beginners of all levels – while we love that we can always go deeper into detail in one’s journey of learning tango, it doesn’t mean that we have to wait to be expert level to enjoy ourselves in tango’s many social events!

Saturday 26 October

L1 Harmonizing Your Giros

The giro (Spanish for turn) offers a space of unlimited potential for every tango dancer, we can use it to express our connection, illustrate our favourite moments in the music, and even get out of a tight spot on the dance floor. Like the walk, our journey into the giro never ends – we can always explore it and express it more deeply!

In Harmonizing Your Giros, Alejandro Beron and Kelly Lettieri will guide you with exercises and tips that will refine the giros you already do and provide you with structures that will give you greater creative freedom and connection when it is time to improvise. Those in the leader’s role will increase their creative and improvisational capabilities inside of the giro, and those in the follower’s role will increase their ability to take on a proactive role when a giro is proposed.

L2 Technique & Adornos for Followers with Kelly Lettieri

Learn some tips, techniques, and secrets direct from Buenos Aires to unlock your creative potential as you dance the follower’s role. During this workshop you will find opportunities to convert basics such as your walk, ochos, and pauses into oppor­tunities for greater connection and self-expression & will gain confidence in how you communicate in your dance!

L3 Balance and Coordination for Leaders with Alejandro Beron

In the tango dance we have to pay attention to many things at the same time. Some of those are muscular forces, posture, circulation on the dance floor, musicality and how you can create spaces in which to dance with your partner. In this class, you will receive exercises that will organize these topics in the dame and allow you to master them while you connect with your partner.

L4 Bringing Buenos Aires to You: Creativity in the Smallest of Spaces

When a milonga is full, we don’t just want to survive, we also want to feel our connec­tion, creativity, and musicality thrive! Prepare your tango for the most crowded of milongas in this specialized workshop. Both roles will receive tips, tricks, and methods that have been tried and tested in the most packed floors of Buenos Aires, as well as methods that allow you to practice for tight spaces in any practica or studio.

Sunday 27 October

S5 & S6 Music & Movement Workshop Series (two workshops)

Let’s explore how we express our musicality by diving deep into three of the most popular classic tango orchestras, Canaro, Di sarli, and D’arienzo. From rhythm to melody, we will explore the fundamental elements of tango music and musicality when we are dancing with a partner. On the way to finding your own personal expression of how you dance when you hear these orchestras play, we will also share stories about the fascinating histories of some of tango’s most famous orchestra leaders, Francisco Canaro, and Carlos Di Sarli and the impact that they have had on the tango that we dance today!

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